We are delighted to announce the launch of a new strategic partnership with Channel Island based growth consultancy East Harbour Associates.  The new partnership will significantly enhance the range of services offered in the Channel Islands to help business develop new, ambitious growth strategies.

Jonathan Guillemet, from East Harbour Associates, said “The partnership with Audience Collective enables us to increase our depth and capability whilst also extending our reach.  We can now integrate with the relevant specialists from Audience Collective to create an end-to-end proposition that drives insight-led strategic growth and transformation for our clients. It will allow us to bring to life our strategic direction and see it delivered in market through the right channels and media.”

Group COO, Steve Henry outlined AC’s approach “Over the years, traditional agencies have developed a ‘full service’ offering that aims to meet the complex needs of their clients. Often this stretches the agency’s capabilities by servicing these needs through various departments or generalist marketeers.”

AC are a group of specialist agencies with deep subject matter expertise that are ranked amongst the best in our market at helping ambitious brands out manoeuvre their competition. They start by discovering and understanding the insight that will drive any activity, building on truths they find, and bringing them alive.

Their specialist agencies then work side-by-side, in an agile and collaborative manner, to deliver maximum impact and value for the client.  Be it Brand Strategy, Market Research, Digital Transformation, ESG, Web Development or Digital Marketing the teams work together to produce the best possible outcomes for clients.

Henry went on to say “the partnership with East Harbour Associates is a great fit in terms of complimentary services, allowing both organisations to broaden their proposition whilst retaining their specialist approach. The key factors in us coming together were our beliefs in actionable insight, creating customer-first cultures and strategic agility.

In this ever changing economic and social environment, brands (and their agencies) need to do things differently. Working alongside East Harbour to bring their unique strategic management expertise alive, in an agile and flexible way, will mean better results for the brands and improved bottom lines.”

The Collective in the Channel Islands will be led by senior Marketing Specialist Mathew Gully who describes the partnership as being transformational for the local market. “Even the best-intentioned plans are not always informed by the customer, mainly constrained by time. These plans can also be lost in translation when elements are passed off to multiple agencies or departments.

The coming together of East Harbour and Audience Collective will enable organisations to really give their customers a seat at the table. Using specialist research agency Spark, we will provide quick and regular access to what customers want, think and do and have the ability to translate this into meaningful growth strategies, delivered by specialists. This unique end-to-end support will change the way organisations develop their growth plans and dramatically improve the outcomes.”

Jonathan Guillemet added “Our agile strategy division continues to attract global brands and our partnership with Audience Collective will further cement our priority for diversifying our growth.

This is a hugely exciting development that allows us to enhance the services and we offer our existing clients whilst introducing a new bold and client centric approach to new customers.”