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10th January 2022

Blurring the lines between IRL & online

Blurring the lines between IRL & online

In typical ‘New Year, New Me’ style, we’re going to take inspiration from this mindset and take a deep dive into the wellness industry to understand how innovation, diversity, and sustainability has forced brands to transform their marketing strategies.

Even though your brand may not be classified as a ‘wellness brand’, our aim is to give you imperative learnings that you and your brand need to take into consideration, coming into 2022 and coming out of the global pandemic.

Out of necessity, came innovation.
The mass migration to ‘online’ during the pandemic sent shockwaves throughout brands within the wellness industry, which was once considered as ‘offline’ or in store only. Brands had to react to the changing world around them, and in order to stay relevant and in business, innovation was essential to give consumer’s services and products that they could access online.

Many fitness platforms & brands including Fiit, Aaptiv, Cure.Fit, Freeletics, Barry’s, SoulCycle and F45 moved with speed and agility to reimagine their in-person fitness service in order to become the go-to providers of choice for on-demand and online workouts.

Going forward, every brand will have to ensure they blur the lines between the physical & virtual worlds.

This change is going to stay;

  • Fitness-tech apps raised a record-breaking $2 billion from investors in 2020
  • 68% of people who worked out at home during the pandemic plan to stick with it.*
  • 47% of consumers feel immersive technologies helped them feel more connected to brands and products during the pandemic

Companies will continually be challenged to evolve their online offering, through providing digital experiences that are immersive, fun, dynamic and that continue to deliver results.

Our team can help!
Even though we’ve used the wellness industry as an example, we can work with your team to immerse ourselves in your business and uncover the answers to some key questions below.

Our strategic specialists cover any service you could possibly need to set yourself up for success in 2022:

  • What is your online strategy to meet the rising demand of immersive technologies?
  • What is your brand doing to allow your consumer to experience your brand both virtually and physically?
  • How are you recreating live experiences online?
  • What learnings can you take from the fitness industry to influence how consumers interact with your brand?

*WellToDo 2022 Consumer Wellness Trends Report