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12th January 2022

Does your brand align with your customers’ values?

Does your brand align with your customers’ values?

Have you taken into consideration how your customer’s values and expectations have been reinvented since the pandemic?

Taking the wellness industry as an example, the team at Ogilvy couldn’t have summarized it better…

“Wellness has created new conversations, new expectations, new purposes – both for companies and individuals. Wellness has inspired new businesses, brands, products, services, experiences.Wellness has seen companies pivot their strategy, business and portfolio.”

– Ogilvy

This isn’t only relevant for brands operating within the personal care category.
If your product doesn’t create shareable moments, evoke the emotion of discovering something new, or focus on your customer’s wellbeing, you can guarantee you’ve lost your audience already, especially the Gen Z’s. You need to understand how your customers’ mindset and values have shifted in the past two years to ensure your brand is still relevant.

Start-ups and challenger brands (such as Fussy, Wild & Fills) are captivating consumers through customer-led products and cultivating loyalty by offering alternatives to traditional products that loop in values around sustainability, clean ingredients, identity and more. By doing this, they’re creating powerful, authentic, differentiated brands in the process, underpinned by purpose.

We can help!
Even though we’ve used the wellness industry as an example, our team are trained experts in understanding the mindset of your consumers, regardless of industry.

Our market research specialists use both qualitative & quantitative data to unlock and understand your consumer’s values and attitudinal behaviors. This results in tailored brand messaging that effectively resonates with your target audience. We’ll work with you on answering…

  • What are the genuine pain points of your consumer and how have they changed?
  • How can you solve your consumer’s pain without asking your consumer to change their behaviors?
  • How can you diversify your product range, based on your customers’ needs to fill a niche in the market?
  • How can you reevaluate your current product range or internal business processes to make them more sustainable?