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15th December 2021

How has Covid19 affected media consumption for each generation?

How has Covid19 affected media consumption for each generation?

Do you know how the pandemic has affected the media consumption of each generation?

The fight against Covid19 has impacted everything, from the way we shop through to the way we work, and everything in between. This couldn’t be more true when thinking about the impact the pandemic’s had on not only the types of media we consume, but also the volume of media that we consume.

We’ve taken a deep dive into which media outlets are being consumed the most by each generation as well as what sources are deemed credible & trusted
by these age groups in delivering news & information.

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Are you confident you’re using the right media to captivate your audience during this time? 

The fact is that every generation is relying on their devices during this time to inform, and more importantly, distract more than ever before, creating a huge opportunity for media companies to engage a captive audience.

Download the report below to gain valuable insights on how each of your potential target audiences’ media consumption has been affected by the pandemic.

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“Their customer research and insights services allowed us to engage in a new and different qualitative methodology. The fact that all content was accessible in real-time meant we could see insights instantly. It’s also very well designed to enable qualitative activity in the world of social distancing and restrictions, meaning no value or insight is lost or disturbed. I can’t imagine going back to the days of focus groups in hotel conference rooms and monitoring through two-way mirrors or videos!”
Ciara Delaney | Lidl
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Source: The data you’ll see throughout this deck and imagery/information above has been provided by a Global Web Index report, Visual Capitalist & WellToDo’s 2022 Consumer Wellness Trends Report.

Author: Nicole Levings