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17th January 2022

Is your business considered an ‘inspirational brand?’

Is your business considered an ‘inspirational brand?’

Being an Inspirational brand in today’s world is more important than being an Aspirational brand.

Let us explain this in more detail…

Recent societal shifts have highlighted brands that lack accessibility, diversity and inclusivity and have put them into even sharper focus in the eyes of the consumer.

  • 70% of consumers feel it’s important for brands to take a stand on social & political issues*
  • 55% say they would boycott/discontinue shopping with brands that support public issues that don’t align with their own views*
  • 34% of consumers will decrease their spending with a brand whose values they disagree with*

Brands that ignore differences or refuse to participate in conversations that expose hidden topics are not taking their consumer’s values / behaviors seriously. Within the wellness space:

  • 60% of consumers find the topic of diversity & inclusion important (Quantilope)
  • 39% of global consumers feel that not enough brands do a good job of representing people similar to them/their community (Kantar Global Monitor 2021)
  • 80% of consumers globally expect brands to consistently display a commitment to diversity & inclusivity in advertising (Visual GPS Global Survey)
  • And, 50% of consumers are more inclined to purchase from/use a brand when they address diversity and inclusion (Quantilope)

…if your brand is hitting the mark on the above, you’re deemed as an inspirational brand.

This also results in:

  • 63% of a brand’s ability to drive demand

  • 52% of brands’ ability to command higher prices
  • 48% of brands’ ability to convert customers at the point of purchase.

We can help!
Our brand experts know the importance of brand values geared towards inclusivity. We know that company values are not just to create internal culture, they’re a benchmark used to make sure that any marketing or brand comms align with what your company stands for. We craft these values for the future, and work with our social media specialists to make sure your brand is positioned correctly in the market to demonstrate these foundations externally, in an authentic way.

We can help you with uncovering…

  • Outside of different demographics, what’s your brand doing to acknowledge inclusivity through exploring your audiences differences to cultivate connection, acceptance and engagement?
  • What conversations can you facilitate using the power of social media to learn more about what your consumers want?
  • How do you reflect the realities of peoples’ lives in a positive and empowering way that makes everyone feel seen no matter what / who you’re selling to?

*WellToDo 2022 Consumer Wellness Report

Author: Nicole Levings