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12th January 2023

Our favorite launch exclusives from CES2023

Our favorite launch exclusives from CES2023

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is known for exciting product launches and major company announcements, through to innovation & tech that will help to solve global challenges, and everything in between. With over 3200 exhibitors, including 1000 startups, it becomes an impossible task to give each brand the airtime it deserves, so we decided to shortlist and highlight the exhibitors that got us the most excited…

Amazon partners with EVgo to streamline locating, initiating and paying for electric charging sessions.

This was 1 of 9 exciting announcements Amazon made at this year’s CES: “Later this year, EV drivers in the U.S. will be able to ask Alexa to help them find and navigate to over 150,000 public charging stations. When you ask Alexa to find an EV charging station, you will receive a list of nearby public charging locations, with availability by plug type, and the time and distance to arrival. You can then tell Alexa which charging station you want to use, and you’ll receive navigation instructions to that location.

EVgo, one of nation’s largest public fast-charging networks, will also be the first EV charging operator to offer voice-initiated payments for charging.” Read all about this, and their other partnerships, here.

Spaceship Neptune, is the first carbon-neutral way to travel to space, taking flight commercially from the end of 2024.

Space Perspective is seeking to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see our planet from space. The company hopes to provide passengers with a new perspective on humanity’s place in the universe, and by doing so, turn adventurers into environmental advocates while allowing travellers to better understand and appreciate earths beauty.

“In a luxurious and highly comfortable pressurized capsule suspended from a large space balloon, eight people and a pilot will rise gently through the atmosphere and hover at 100,000 feet for two hours, looking upon the curvature of Earth until it’s time for the smooth, gradual descent.” Taber MacCallum, Co-CEO and Chief Technical Officer and Space Perspective admits they “wouldn’t have gone down this path” without partners Siemens and AWS, who have allowed Space Perspective to accelerate time to market and expand its simulation capabilities during testing.

Would you be one of the first on board to experience Space Tourism at it’s finest? Read more about it here.

At home nutrition & hydration guide through urinalysis.

…that’s right. At home urine analysis. We love all things Health & Wellness at Audience, so one of our favorite discoveries was not one, but two brands hitting the market with at home urinalysis products. In as quick as 90 seconds using Vivoo’s product, you’re able to measure and understand your own personal, data such as sodium, magnesium, vitamin c, calcium and ketone levels (plus more!) all in real time on their app. Not only can you understand your own personal data, but Vivoo gives you guidance on how to improve your health.

Withings ‘U-scan’ product is the worlds first hormone-based cycle sync guide, allowing women to better understand their cycles, as well as metabolic and nutritional analysis and guides based on the sample provided.

U-scan will hit the market soon, and find out more information about Vivoo here.

Roku launches it’s first set of branded TV.

Roku first hit the market 15 years ago with their first streaming box, and it’s safe to say they paved the way for how we now consume TV. “Roku integrated the box tech and software into TV sets from partners such as TCL and Hisense. Now Roku is branding its own TVs, due to launch this spring. There will be 11 models with screens measuring from 24 inches to 75 inches, and prices ranging from $119 to $999.”

This NPD allows for similar advantages Apple has seen – through building the hardware and software, it ultimately gives Roku more control over the final product. All TVs will come with Roku’s voice remotes, and will be compatible with its wireless sound bars and speakers – giving the brand the ability to continuously innovate new features into future smart TVs they build.