We’re serious
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An altogether different marketing consultancy

Collective Minds is a group of specialists inspired by technology and driven by insight. We’re experienced and we’re hands-on. We work together to help you identify your audience, then engage with them in highly effective ways.

Our expertise

You’ve got some pretty big aspirations – you’re going to need the right advice and a rock-solid strategy

Born from a thriving group of specialist agencies, Collective Minds is your direct line to some of the best marketing and communication brains in the business.  

Our experts have real-world experience. Solving complex problems by turning difficult questions into straightforward answers and workable plans – it’s what we do all day long.  

Over the years we’ve found some beautifully creative solutions to some pretty complex challenges.

Make no mistake, you’ll be challenged and stretched. 

We pinpoint the areas that your organisation, your brands and your products need to focus on. But we don’t just shine a light on the problems. That would be too easy. 

We do the hard work too. 

Once we agree a strategy, we knuckle down and put it to work for you, turning those bright ideas into firm action and tangible results. 

It’s really very effective. It’s direct action for your brand and your business. 

You can rely on us to apply the right experience to push right through any complexity and confusion, leaving only simplicity and pure conviction.

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