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Hello Success

Hisense is a global player. It’s the home of home innovations that are actually useful. It gives you more of the tech that matters for less. A brand consumers would go mad for, if only they could remember to google/ask for it. Our challenge: make this challenger brand’s name stick.

We knew Hisense had plenty to talk to consumers about. What we needed was a clever way to start conversations and, at the same time, turn their name into an unforgettable earworm in people’s mind. Realizing that, we clocked that the solution staring us in the face, right there in the brand’s name.

Say Hi – was the winning big idea. It wasn’t just the exact conversation starting trick we were after, but also a neat shortcut to help consumers remember Hisense’s name. Our Say Hi concept has not only introduced the brand to people, but also started conversations about every new innovation and let Hisense talk directly to consumers.

It doesn’t matter which angle you look at it, Say Hi has been a resounding success. Our TV ad upped prompted awareness by 22% and consideration by 75%. If you measure success in awards, Say Hi won us Prolific North’s Best Integrated Campaign for 2020, within the UK. Or if it’s about reach, well, Say Hi created waves so big our idea has rippled and been rolled out in other key markets, like France and Germany.