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Skinny Lager

Time to drink different
Skinny Lager

A beer that’s only 89 calories per bottle? The results of our Brand Discovery Workshop revealed that most drinkers assume that this means lower ABV and less taste. This got our creative juices flowing…

No Compromise.

This campaign thought wasn’t just brilliant at telling the world Skinny Lager lacked nothing but calories. It also nailed our target audience’s attitude.

Major grocery stores and bar chains were all lining up to stock Skinny. Within 6 months, the brand notched up 4 million social media impressions and, in one month alone, 25,000 people clicked through from social to the retailers selling it.

Our deliverables:

  • Concepts
  • Event sponsorship
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Retail
  • Social media
  • Website